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Throughout my Life i've done many things but here are the main 3 i focus on

Life & Business Coaching

I created the Freedom Hunters Club to support people who feel stuck and frustrated with their lives, to gain the clarity they need to move forward.

Writing &

Writing is something I've always enjoyed. I've self-published 2 books, contributed chapters to others, and in a previous life I wrote for magazines.

Podcasting, Media & Courses

I host a podcast and regularly produce content about finding freedom in life and breaking out of the 9-5. I also create courses and build leverage.

Here are the projects i spend my time on


freedom hunters club

This membership community supports people to uncover and break the 12 chains that hold them back in life.

Each month new mini-courses are added on topics like business, time management and relationships.

Members are also invited to join live training sessions each month, submit their questions for guidance, and celebrate their wins as they make changes in their life and move closer to achieving the freedom they desire.

Unchained Podcast

On the Unchained podcast I interview guests who have made changes in their lives from moving country, overcoming injuries, changing jobs and anything else that aligns with the 12 chains.

New episodes are released on Monday each week and sometimes I do solo sessions sharing my thoughts on different topics.


finally find freedom

My bestselling book titled 'Finally Find Freedom' focuses on the 12 chains that hold us back in life and the 4 steps we can take to break them.

It's based on my life experience, conversations and stories from others, the changes I've made and the personal development journey I've been on since 2021.

But what about my origin story?

I spent 22 years working in the video game and tech industries before moving into coaching.

From Broken Neck To Breaking Chains

After spending years running my own small consultancy business,  working with global brands and governments, and working in the tech space, my world was flipped upside down in January 2020.

I broke my neck playing rugby and couldn't afford the surgery so left it to heal naturally. I then struggled to keep my business going during the covid lockdowns.

In 2021 I started my own personal development journey and began to focus on creating resources and courses and shifting my business away from project work.

While creating some slides for an online workshop in June 2023 I created the "12 chains" model which became the basis for the book "Finally Find Freedom" and the Freedom Hunters Club.


My neck has healed and my body created
new bone around the break


Coach. speaker. Bestselling Author. Podcast Guest. Workshop Facilitator.

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